Bhel Puri
Puffed rice fried and topped with potatoes, vegetables and chutney sauces
Dahi Bhalla
Deep fried balls of Urad Dal , spiced, soaked and served in yogurt topped with and sweet tangy chutney sauce
Papri Chaat
Crisp fried dough topped with, potatoes, salad and chutneys sweet, tangy and savoury
Pani Puri
Crisp puff like ball filled with spicy water, chickpeas and potatoes.
Dahi Puri
Flat bread stuffed with a seasoned filling of ground split peas
Aloo tikki chaat
Spiced potato patties fried, topped with chick peas sauce and chutney
Onion bhaji
Onions, potatoes and spices mixed in a batter and fried
Vegetable spring roll
Pastry stuffed with cottage cheese and mixed vegetables fried
Masala mogo
Mogo fried topped with mixed spices
Veg samosa chaat
Vegetable samosas topped with chickpea, salad and chutney sauces
Vegetable samosas
Pastry stuffed with potatoes, peas and veg deep fried
Veg Manchurian starter
small veg dumplings cooked in spicy sauce
Panir tikka
Cottage cheese pieces marinated and cooked in tandoor
Chilli panir
cottage cheese cooked in a spicey sauce with onions and peppers
Garlic chilli mushrooms
sliced mushrooms cooked with garlic and chilli sauce
Small £2.00
Large £5.00